Rediscover Nature. Rediscover Yourself

Relax, Rejuvenate, Revitalise in Nature!

Dongarmatha as the name suggests is on top of the hill, in fact on one of the highest peaks in Parshuram ghat. It’s an effort to conserve nature & live a sustainable life by owner Mangesh Govekar with friends Abhi Gadre & Chaitanya Kalve. For many people in big cities there’s no choice than getting spinned with the pace of the hectic life. Deadlines, urgency, stress, traffic jams, pollution, health hazards can’t be avoided if one wishes to stay in the city. We have instinctively chosen this path of staying in nature & have a healthy, peaceful life at natural pace, to try and find the missing thing in life.

We invite you , your family and friends to explore nature & enjoy eco-friendly tourism. Experience a wonderful mix of nature, adventure, agri, arts & spiritual tourism.

While you are at Dongarmatha it’s not just a stay, it’s an experience of living close to nature, calm down & enjoy natural rhythm of life! Enjoy a cup of tea with rising Sun from mountain range and feel the astounding, magical, colorful moment when the sun sets in River Vashishti. Listen to your favorite Music while watching the gorgeously sparkling dark blue dome above and forget the world. Dust yourself in Adventure of Valley Crossing, Jummaring, Parallel ropes Rock Climbing & many more. Relax with a Book of your favorite author, brain wash yourself with ticky documentaries and thoughts, search the hidden talents in you, try your hands at terracotta pottery making, pottery painting, painting in various forms like landscapes, abstract or warli, create handmade crafts, furniture or toys for your kids from bamboo & recycled paper. Meditate inside rock caves to achieve the Nirvana you are searching by simply ignoring the world . Simply sit idle on the naturally healing cow dung flooring worrying about nothing, to enjoy that space to add more value to your life. You will realize that there are more things in life which money can’t buy you. Share your new Lifestyle Ideas with the loved ones.

While constructing the Eco-resort , we have tried to conserve natural resources by adopting renewable construction materials such as bamboo & used minimum steel & cement . The resort itself covers 5 acres of land and the main facility spreads over 3500 sq.ft. It’s constructed with inputs from bamboo engineering pioneer like Mr.V.N.Gore & his student architect Mr.Shrinivas Warkhandkar. This eco-friendly technique has helped us maintain high standards of quality, strength & economy and has enabled us to contribute towards protecting the Green Earth.

Our areas of work: Eco-tourism, Eco-friendly & economic construction, Organic farming,

Direct marketing of Organic farm products from farmers, Ecological studies, awareness & nature conservation & awareness through practical approach.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;

It is because we do not dare that they are difficult!!

The scenic view of Vashishti river with a back drop of setting sun in the mountain ranges gives you a special feeling. Without interfering much into the natural balance, we have tried to achieve the relaxation, rejuvenation or Nirvana that you wish to experience