Q. How long is Parshuram from Mumbai/ Thane ?

A. About 250 kms.

Q.How much time it takes to reach Parshuram?

A.Train- 4 to 5.5 Hrs., ST Bus- 7Hrs., Private vehicle – 5 to 6Hrs.

Q.What kind of food is served?

A. Local Maharshtrian style fixed menu food is served.

Q. What is included in the package?

A. Stay & Veg. food one cycle i.e. Breakfast, Lunch, Evening tea/coffee biscuits &  Dinner. Non-veg.food is served at additional cost as per availability.

Q. Are the rooms AC?

A. No, being an eco-friendly resort we don’t encourage AC. The Bamboo roof regulates the inside temperature by 5 degree Celsius.

Q. Are the toilets attached to the rooms? ?

A. Yes. Contemporary, city- like tiled toilets fitted with Anglo-Indian commodes are provided. Hot water provided in the mornings .

Q. Are alcohol drinks allowed?

A.  Alcohol drinks & smoking is strictly prohibited on the entire property (not even inside rooms) as the resort is a family place & believes in eco-friendliness. Throwing Gutkha/Tobacco wrappers is prohibited too. In fact we would be happy if people take back the plastic (like water bottles, carry bags) they bring to avoid pollution in the villages.

Q. How many people are allowed in each room?

A.Max.3 persons are allowed per room. We have in all 6 rooms apart from common Living room of 500 sq.ft & court yard of 1000 sq.ft.

Q. Do you charge same tariff for children?

A.For Children our charges are as follows

  • Below 5 years – only Milk charges
  • Between 5-10 years -50 % for stay 50% charges for food
  • 10 years and above Full charges  for stay and food

Q. What is the check in / Check out time?  

A. Check in & Check Out time is 10 A.M.

Q. Can we skip lunch from the package?

A.Yes . you will be offered reduction in the total cost accordingly.

Q.Are the exclusive activities like Adventure, Pottery, Nature walks with qualified guides included in the package?

A. No. It is offered at additional costs depending on group size. However we give basic information about birds & trees free of cost during nature walks.

Q. Is there a full time cook?

A. We have a local village lady who cooks at Dongarmatha to serve you the local flavor of Konkan.

Q.Can we cook our own food?

A. If there is a single group of yours , you can rent out the whole property for pre-decided period & cook yourselves. A gas burner with cylinder, Wood fire, utensils are provided. we can assist you as per availability of manpower.

Q.Do you have a refrigerator where we can keep cold-drinks?

A. We do have it but use it only when required , like to preserve milk,vegetable & during summer to keep water cold. You can keep food, natural juices & cold drinks.We will be happy if you avoid carbonated drinks which are not very eco-friendly.We  won’t strictly provide you an ice to chill alcohol drinks which are prohibited on the entire property.

Q.Is there a power load shading?

A. Power load shading is done by MSED only on Mondays from 6am to 11 pm.We have an Inverter back up of 6 hours. for all rooms with 1 fan & 1 lamp.

Q.How do you take care of mosquitoes ?

A.We provide mosquito nets for each group. Also we use dhoop in the evenings to run away the mosquitoes.

Q.How much threat is there from wildlife or snakes & scorpions?

A.There is no threat from animals. About snakes: We are entering there zone and disturbing nature.Snakes are generally observed around during rains or breeding days otherwise they keep away from humans.We have to be little careful while moving out of home during night with simple things like: wearing shoes, using a stick to create vibrations on earth, use torch to go in darker areas, avoid going in grass or bushy patches, keep the doors of rooms closed during night time, sleep on beds. Immediate First Aid & hospitalisation is must in case of a snake bite. We haven’t experienced any such event in the past but we remain alert & will take every care to avoid such an event.We will ensure that the affected person is taken to nearest hospital at Lote MIDC immediately.