We have planted more than 800 trees & conserved more than 2000 trees in last 5-6years. which mainly consist Bio-diverse & native plants like Wad, Pimpal, Umbar, Aritha , Bhokar, Phanas, Kandol, Seeta Ashok, Arjun, Muchakunda, Dhoop, Jambhul, Hirada,Behada, Awala, etc. Our property is right in the middle of a moist-deciduous forest. One can take a glimpse of more than 350 local & migratory species of avian in different seasons in Konkan region that range from Barbets, Eagles, Orioles, Hornbills, Minivets, Kingfishers, Tree pies, Robins, Sun birds, Drongos & host of beautiful butterflies & moths.

In a 1.30 to 2hrs session we give information about local Flora & Fauna i.e. Plants, Birds, Butterflies, Animals & Insects is given along the trail. Also we explain basic idea about conservation of natural resources like soil, water, & air. Activity is mainly aimed at creating awareness about ecology , the relationship between various elements of the nature and motivating participants for action oriented response towards natural resources conservation.

We have qualified ( M.Sc. Forestry ,PGDEE) guides to this activity. Depending on participants interest we also conduct Slide shows or a nature game session.

A Crocodile & bird watching tour by boat can be conducted on payment of additional charges in nearby Vashiti river Estuary. Even Mr. Mangesh Govekar has done a course in Sustainable Natural Resource conservation & Management initiated by Ecology Society of Pune.