Day and Night at dongarmatha

Day and Night at dongarmatha


Dongarmatha, Splendid expriences, I loved it, nature walk was very nice . It gave new energy to me. I remembered my childhood. Specialy having nice view of hills and riverside. Sitting on a swing …. it was a nice sweet memory of my childhood . Mangesh I will come back there again. Swapnali

Swapnali Sakhadeo

“Nature’s paradise”

We stayed at Dongarmatha in May, the climate was pleasant, its truly a nature’s paradise. Highly recommended to those who are passionate about nature. Many things to explore right from bird watching to crocodile watching tour. The experience is truly amazing away from the hectic life. Mr. Govekar, Owner is very hospitable man. ………….Shama


Dongarmatha as the name suggests is on top of the hill, in fact on one of the highest peaks in Parshuram ghat.  It’s an effort to conserve nature & live a sustainable life by owner Mangesh Govekar with friends Abhi Gadre & Chaitanya Kalve. For many people in big cities there’s no choice than getting spinned with the pace of the hectic life. Deadlines, urgency, stress, traffic jams, pollution, health hazards can’t be avoided if one wishes to stay in the city. We have instinctively chosen this path of staying in nature & have a healthy, peaceful life at natural pace, to try and find the missing thing in life.


Our experience to Dongarmatha, – It was going to very close friends place on a weekend, and your are treated royally. – It was refreshing. – Best sunset we saw ever. – Great Food. – Dongarmath we are coming again.

Vishwajeet Gokhale